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The 3 Forgotten Maintenance Tasks For Filter Presses

By Michael Stock



Just like your car needs its oil changed regularly, your filter press needs regular maintenance to prevent the equipment from breaking down. It’s easy to forget to take care of your filter press, until something goes wrong. When it does go wrong your dewatering process comes to a stop, and that can snowball into the rest of your plant processes. Instead of waiting for your filter press to break down, keep your equipment working smoothly by regularly performing these preventative maintenance operations.

Implement and maintain a preventative maintenance schedule for your J-Press® filter press—you’ll keep your filter press in the best condition possible and save money by avoiding more costly repairs later.

We’ve compiled a list of commonly overlooked maintenance operations to help keep your J-Press® filter press in working order.


Change oil

Just like your car, a filter press needs its oil changed to continue running smoothly. Oil in the various filter press components should be changed annually. A filter press uses lubricant oil in the gear box, the hydraulic units, and the shifter, among others. Neglecting to change the oil can cause the filter press to run less efficiently, and eventually can cause components to warp and wear out. 
In addition to changing the oil, oil filters in the hydraulic unit also need to be changed annually.  Evoqua can help you determine which oil filter will best fit your hydraulic unit and ensure that your filter press can continue operating effortlessly.

Change Filters

It’s not just filter cloths that need changing regularly: hydraulic units, shifters, and any instrument air users (like the process valves) have air filters that can get clogged and need changing.  Clogged air filters can cause low air flow through the filter and slow down the filter press operations. Air filters should be replaced annually to ensure the J-Press® filter press runs as efficiently as possible.
Air filters come in a variety of types and sizes depending on the component they’re used in and the size of the press. Evoqua technicians can help determine which air filters will work best for your needs, or you can check your equipment drawings when you sign up for our ToolDOX portal.



Replace wear items

UHMW (ultra-high molecular weight) polyethylene strips are used in several places on your filter press to prevent wear from movement.  UHMW strips are used on chains, drip trays, followers and automatic shifters to keep moving parts…moving. 


Dr. D - How To Change The Oil On Your Filter Press



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