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4 Ways to Improve Performance of Older Filter Presses

By Michael Stock


Do you have an older filter press that isn't running quite as efficiently as it used to? Don't worry, you don't have to blow your budget on entirely new dewatering equipment. There are a variety of things that you can do to get your old filter press up and running like new. Read on to find out a few tips from our dewatering experts.


1. Service Call from Manufacturer

When it comes to filter press maintenance, sometimes you have to call for back-up. A service call from your filter press manufacturer can help uncover any issues that need to be repaired. The service technician can also provide suggestions on how to improve your dewatering process (or give you more information about the next 3 steps on the list).


2. Install New Filter Cloths

Filter cloths get worn out by abrasion, velocity, oxidation and heat, and as a result need to be replaced regularly. In typical industrial wastewater treatment applications, filter cloths typically last 750 to 1,000 cycles (750-1,000 hours of filtration time). However, in the mining industry, filter cloths typically last 4,000 to 5,000 cycles (400-500 hours of filtration time).

Keeping filter cloths clean and replacing them regularly is crucial to the dewatering process. It ensures that quality filter cakes are being produced by each press cycle. Check out the videos below of our very own Dr. D (filter press expert) for tips on changing filter cloths on both gasketed and non-gasketed filter plates.


3. Expand Your Filter Press

Have your dewatering needs increased? Do you need to handle more slurry each day than you did when you bought your filter press? Expanding your filter press by adding additional filter packs and plates might be a good option.


4. Rebuild or Refurbish Your Filter Press

While filter presses are built to last, they don't last forever. Sometimes to get the press performing the way it needs to be, certain components need to be rebuilt or refurbished. As THE OEM parts provider for a variety of brands, we have access to original factory drawings and designs and can rebuild presses to match those original specifications. Some of the brands we work with include:

  • USFilter
  • JWI
  • E&J
  • CPC
  • Passavant
  • Perrin
  • IPM

If you have questions about making some improvements to your filter press, contact one of our dewatering experts today!

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