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5 Surprising Things You Might Not Know About Evoqua's Service

By Michael Stock

5 surprising things you might not know about our service.

You know that every second your filter press is down, the clock is ticking on a potentially expensive, hazardous mess. Your job may even be on the line. And we know that when it comes time to refurbish or upgrade your equipment, you need a partner who knows all the options and won’t let you down. If you haven’t yet called Evoqua to take a look at your service needs, here are a few surprising reasons that you should. Call us today. Depending on your circumstance, we can be there tomorrow … if not sooner.


1: If Santa Claus had a filter press, we’d fix it.

When we say we’re global, we mean it. Our service network stretches from North America to Vietnam, Egypt, and just about everywhere else. Even the North Pole is on our map. One of our current projects is so close to the Arctic Circle that we have to wait for the ice to break up to deliver parts.


2: Just because it doesn’t say “Evoqua” doesn’t mean it’s not ours.

The Evoqua family is big and diverse. It includes current and legacy brands. If your filter press has any of these names on it, we have the original drawings and specifications: JWI®, J-Press®, USFilter®, CPC, Perrin, IPM, Siemens, Passavant and Envirex®. We stock parts and train technicians for all of these brands and more.


3: Just because it’s not ours doesn’t mean we don’t service it.

We’re the leader in third-party service for dewatering equipment. No matter what it says on the nameplate, you can count on Evoqua for the engineering knowhow and parts expertise you need to keep it running or upgrade it. And, shhhh....don't tell anyone....but often when we refurbish other brands, according to our customers, they're better than new!


4: We’ve been servicing filter presses since disco was a thing.

With more than forty years of experience designing, building and supporting dewatering equipment, nobody knows more about how to keep you in business than Evoqua. No matter what the challenge, odds are we’ve seen it before, and we know how to meet it.


5: How about forever? Does forever work for you?

In this industry, as you may know, manufacturers come and go. Some offer mediocre service, some offer lip service, and some don’t bother with either one. Evoqua service is part of one of the industry’s most experienced, most broad-based, most committed manufacturers of all things water. So you know that with Evoqua, you’re getting more than history: you’re getting a future too.

If "forever" works for you Call (844) 450-2920 and ask about our service - for whatever brand of filter press or dryer you have.

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