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All About Automatic Pump Control Systems (APCS)

By Michael Stock



Dewatering is one of the many industrial processes where having the right type of controls on your machinery is absolutely crucial. Having the proper type of controls ensure that the process runs smoothly and that quality filter cakes are produced.

One type of control that can be used for filter presses are Automatic Pump Control Systems (APCS)

How does an APCS work?

An Automatic Pump Control System (APCS) controls the filling cycle of the filter press using hydraulics or manual operation. It also controls the pressure at different stages of the dewatering process. It is better to start the process off on a lower pressure and build so the cake doesn't pack too densely or too quickly on the filter cloth.

At Evoqua we have our own type of APCS called the J-Trol™ control panels


Features and Benefits of J-Trol™ Control panels

Our APCS J-Trol™ control panels are available in 2 different packages:

  • Package 1: Manual process control / manual press operation
  • Package 2: Manual process control / semi-automatic press operation (air hydraulic operation)

So, what sets our APCS controls apart from the rest?

Ease of use:

  • With minimal buttons, the interface is simple and intuitive.

Safety Features:

  • The controls feature a hydraulic pressure safety device that shuts down the feed cycle if hydraulic pressure is lost. 

Sturdy Construction

  • Available in either NEMA 4 painted steel or NEMA 4X 304 stainless steel, these controls can stand up to the most intense dewatering applications.

If you have questions about APCS controls, our dewatering experts have answers!

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