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Ancillary Equipment - Should you buy it pre-configured?

By Michael Stock

Feed pumps, sludge dryers, cloth washers. There is a technical name for these filter press accessories - ancillary equipment. Ancillary equipment is described by as "machines and other technical things which are used with the main items of equipment to create a complete system."

When you purchase ancillary equipment for dewatering systems it comes to you in one of two ways; either as standard "parts in a box" that you must assemble and configure yourself, or it comes pre-configured, ready to plug-and-go.

Here at Evoqua, we recommend using pre-configured or customer engineered equipment. It ensures that you get the right fit for your dewatering system. We offer a variety of ancillary equipment to compliment our filter presses, including Perrin and JWI. Let's take a look at some of our most popular offerings:




Feed pumps are at the heart of any dewatering system, after all they are what gets the slurry into the press. There are several different types of pumps that can be used in filter press feed systems. Most have a positive displacement design, but centrifugal pumps are also used in certain applications to cut costs and decrease energy use. To get a closer look at one of our standard feed pumps, check out the video below:

This is one piece of your filter press that you want to make sure fits properly the first time. With a little information about your dewatering process and needs, our experts can select and configure the perfect feed pump for you. The pump can be mounted to a skid for plug-and-go use.




Feed pumps aren't the only type of pumps that can be mounted to a skid. We also have several other pump skid offerings including:

  • Precoat skids - These units are specially sized according to the application. They are beneficial for high turbidity slurries, sticky cakes or clarification filtration.
  • Cloth wash skids - Mount your high pressure cloth wash (required for an automatic cloth wash system) for added convenience.
  • Acid wash skids (aka clean in place systems)- Wash those hard to clean filter cloths with an acid wash pump, which have a polyurethane tank that is sized to about 1.5 x the press capacity (shown above).
  • AOD skids - These pumps help deliver diluted acid to the filter press.

All of our skid mounted pumps:

  • Can have single or duplex pump arrangements
  • Include all the necessary piping and valving
  • Have a slurry tank and mixer
  • Come pre-wired to a junction box
  • Are mounted to a steel base frame for plug-and-go use


Portable Hydraulic Units

Portable hydraulic units are a great addition to mobile dewatering systems (like those used in some manufacturing facilities). They are also great to have as a back up in case something goes wrong with the built-in hydraulics of your filter press. Our units are ready to plug and go and are compatible with most makes and models of filter presses - not just ours. If you have any brand of filter press, you can use our portable hydraulic units.



Sludge Dryers & Accessories

If you have filter cake that you pay by weight or square foot to dispose of, consider adding a J-MateĀ® Dryer to your dewatering system. Our J-MateĀ® Dryer will evaporate remaining moisture from your filter cakes and you will immediately begin seeing a savings in your disposal costs.

Our dewatering experts can help you select which of our 3 models of dryers will be the best fit for your process and needs. They can also help you configure dumpsters, conveyor belts and platforms that can help your filter cake disposal process run smoothly and efficiently.


While adding pre-configured ancillary equipment to your dewatering system does require some up front investment, it will end up saving time and money in the long run. How exactly does it save time and money? By improving the efficiency of your dewatering system!

Looking for more tips on improving the efficiency of your filter presses and dewatering equipment? Download our guide Filter Press FAQ's!

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