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Be Prepared To Be Repaired - even through breakdowns we help maintain good chemistry

By Michael Stock

Rental equipment from Evoqua can keep you running through breakdowns, rebuilds, chemistry changes and more.

You know that a filter press that’s down is unacceptable. The consequences are dire, including disrupted production and expensive storage and haulage of unprocessed sludge. Vast quantities of money could literally flow down the drain. So you prepare. You have an up-to-date contract with a responsive service organization like Evoqua and you stock parts that are likely to be needed on short notice.


Prepare for the worst.

Even so, stuff happens. An aging hydraulic control unit or an entire press could unexpectedly fail and shut down. Or you may need to prepare for a changeover in chemistry that requires a press for testing. This is the kind of stuff that requires an entire new system to be brought in to keep things going while you’re waiting for parts or testing chemistry.


From HCUs to complete presses - ready to ship

Rely on Evoqua to get the right equipment in place fast … when you absolutely need it. We can provide a complete hydraulic control unit to keep your press operating while you’re waiting for a new unit, a repair, or a rebuild. Our rental presses range from small lab units to 800mm/20 cubic foot production presses that drop into your process and work side by side with your existing equipment while it’s offline.


Bottom line, you may have some overflow capacity, or you may not. You may be able to handle a short shutdown, or you may be the kind of operation that can’t be idle for even 24 hours. Whatever your situation, count on Evoqua for fast, well-supported rental solutions that keep the process moving. And be prepared for whatever comes.

If you need a filter press right now, but not forever Call (844) 450-2920 and ask about our rental units.

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