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Skid To A Stop And Check Out Our Custom Pump Skids

By Michael Stock


Take the guess out of the press

If you run a filter press, you know that there’s an art to the job, especially when it comes to managing the feed pump. Too much pressure, and you get leaks and breakdowns. Too little and you get poor throughput.

You can take a lot of the guesswork out of the process by choosing a pump that’s pre-matched both to your press and the type of slurry that you’re filtering. Evoqua has made this an easy choice with a whole line of AOD Feed Skid pumping systems that are pre-engineered, preassembled and available on skids to drop right into place next to your filter press.

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Plug and play

These plug-and-play units come in a wide range of configuration options including cast iron or polypropylene pumps; stainless steel or PVC plumbing; and simplex, duplex duty-standby, duplex duty-duty, or triplex-standby operation. They’re all built to save energy and dampen vibration for longer life.


These pump skids are easy to install, too. They come pre-tested, drop into place with a fork lift or crane, and require only minor setup to go right into service. Low-maintenance features include easy access and ventilation as well as a mechanical design that prevents spilled liquid from becoming trapped or pooled.


Science wins every time

With flow ratings up to 500 GPM and off-the-shelf configurations for presses up to 170 cubic feet, there’s a configuration that matches your setup exactly. Whatever your application, our experienced technical staff can help you find a solution that runs better, runs longer, and replaces the “art” of feed pump management with Evoqua science.



Something to keep in mind:

Your slurry must be pumped at a specific rate as it relates to your specific application and the size of your press. You might need some ancillary equipment to go along with the purchase of your press, such as a dumpster or even a platform.


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