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Dewatering on the go? Get a portable filter press.

By Michael Stock

There are a variety of applications that require large presses that can deal with massive amounts of throughput. However, there are many applications, like groundwater remediation projects and offshore oil drilling (even some types of mining and manufacturing), where a smaller solution is needed.

That's where portable filter presses come in. Compared to many of their stationary counterparts, portable filter presses (our Evoqua brand presses in particular) are:


Bigger isn't always better, which is good for portable filter presses because they are 30% smaller than a traditional press. Our portable presses have smaller frames and the option to mount the feed pump skid on top of the press.



With frames constructed of rectangular tubing, portable presses are also 30% lighter than traditional presses. This is crucial if they are used in structures where weight is important, like off shore oil drilling applications.


Even more rugged...

In many cases (like on offshore oil rigs) portable filter presses are exposed to even harsher conditions than their stationary counterparts, so they are built even tougher. The presses feature a roll bar added to the frame for added stability.

And it's not just the frame of the press that's given some added protection, but the hydraulic and pneumatic parts (located in a sealed cabinet) and controls and gauges (located in a magnetically latched cabinet) as well.

While these presses are compact, they still have all the functions of our standard J-PressĀ® filter press. To learn more about the J-PressĀ® filter press and it's many functions and features, download our guide "9 Reasons to Build Your Case".

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