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Dewatering Systems: Behind the Scenes

By Michael Stock

An Evoqua dewatering system is more than just a large piece of machinery. It is a system engineered and backed by 100 years of experience developing industry-leading technologies and a commitment to providing excellent OEM parts and maintenance services to customers around the world.

Get ready to take a behind the scenes look at Evoqua and our dewatering systems.


Holland facility

For 40 years our dewatering systems have been built at our largest manufacturing facility in Holland, Michigan. Each press is built using state-of-art CAD and CAM technologies to ensure excellent design according to customer specifications. Our internal project management system ensures a timely construction process and on-time delivery of projects.

Our Holland facility was recently featured on Fox Business Network's Manufacturing Marvels, they took a tour of the facility and got a behind the scenes look at the production of our filter presses.


Research and development

Our Holland facility isn't solely about manufacturing, it is also home to a full service lab where we analyze samples to help customers make more informed equipment purchases and maintain maximum performance of filter presses. We recently analyzed our 10,000th wastewater treatment residual sludge sample.

Based on the samples our customers send us, we can gain insight into a variety of things like:

  • the most effective feed pressures
  • which filter cloths should be used
  • if those filters cloths need a chemical pre-coating
  • what type of filter press the customer should purchase

Over the past 100 years Evoqua has developed thousands of new products and technologies. We have over 1500 patents issued or pending. Our commitment to innovation allows us to provide our customers with the best products and services.


About the presses

Our filter presses and dewatering systems are used in many industries, including:

  • food and beverage production
  • municipal wastewater treatment
  • power production
  • manufacturing
  • mining
  • high-tech / automotive

A wide array of industries use our filter presses because they are very versatile and can be configured specifically to meet the needs of each customer. We offer a wide variety of filter plate materials and styles, along with a variety of press control systems.

Our filter presses are ruggedly built, made of fabricated steel plates and have precision alignment to ensure the pressure and stress generated during operation is evenly distributed.

No need to worry about the paint on the J-Press® filter press wearing off, it is sandblasted to an SSPC-10 near white finish and then primed and painted using high quality, single coat polyurea.


OEM and maintenance

We all know how frustrating it can be when your equipment needs new parts or maintenance. At Evoqua we strive to make that process as easy and painless as possible.

We stock a wide variety of OEM parts for all of our equipment including brand names:

  • JWI®
  • CPC
  • Passavant
  • Perrin
  • Sernatech
  • Envirex®
  • Sernagiotto
  • IPM
  • Stranco
  • Wallace & Tiernan®
  • Edward & Jones®

Many of the parts we stock have same-day shipping, to keep presses up and running.

Does your Evoqua dewatering system need maintenance? We offer customized contracts tailored to each customer, lowering maintenance costs. One of our technicians can come to your facility and make the necessary repairs. Or if it is routine maintenance like changing your filter press' oil or filter cloth, take a look at the how-to videos made by our very own Dr. D.


Want to learn more about our dewatering systems?

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