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Don't Fly Blind - Rent A Pilot

By Michael Stock



Don’t fly blind. Rent a pilot.

Planning a production change or working through a filter press problem can be like working in the dark. If you are experiencing changes in the filter cake or filtrate quality, making the changes necessary to investigate the problem can be frustrating if you can’t take your filter press offline. Sometimes even a small change in treatment chemistry upstream of the filter press can affect the filter cake quality, so if you want to test different treatment chemistries, filter cloths, or changing cycle parameters, consider renting a pilot unit. Call (844) 450-2920 and ask about our pilot press.


Illuminate your situation.

A pilot press from Evoqua, available as a rental, can throw a lot of light on the subject. Our pilot presses come in a variety of sizes, from benchtop to 470 mm. They operate offline so there’s no impact on production. And because they’re small, you can evaluate new materials and processes at lower cost as well.

They come complete with press, filter cloths and a feed pump. All you need to do is add an air supply, connect your feed tank and go. Call (844) 450-2920 to find out more about testing without interrupting production.


Contact Evoqua and you’re cleared for takeoff.

Your Evoqua sales rep can get the ball rolling. Consultation with our lab will give you a recommendation for the right filter cloths for the job, along with the right pilot press for developing the solution. Our world-class service network and technical resources will be standing by to keep your project moving and to help you make the transition from pilot solution to fully-equipped process system. And since Evoqua pilot presses and products are nearly identical to our production systems, scaling up to a new Evoqua system is hassle-free and simple, once your evaluation is complete.

Bottom line: renting a pilot press from Evoqua is the lowest-cost, most risk-free way to prove the case for a system change or upgrade. It’s a whole lot better than flying blind.


Don't fly blind. Call (844) 450-2920 and ask about our pilot press program and how it can help your application.

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