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Environmental Benefits to Getting a New Dewatering System

By Michael Stock


With environmental regulations becoming stricter every day, many industries are taking a step back and looking at the impacts that their processes have on the environment. These evaluations often show that updating equipment, like filter presses, is one way to reduce environmental impact. Read on to find out how an updated dewatering system can benefit the environment (and your company).

Minimize Power Consumption

Is your old filter press making your electric bill go through the roof? If so, then it might be time for a newer and more energy efficient model. As we all know, using less power is beneficial to the environment (and your budget).

Our J-Press® filter press by JWI is designed to help minimize power consumption, with modular power packs that operate using either electricity or pneumatic power (small cylinders of compressed CO2).

Pneumatic powered presses can be a great option if you need a press with more mobility.


Solid Construction, Less Contamination

A J-Press® filter press by JWI  is solidly built, with a variety of features to prevent your facility (and the environment) from being exposed to harmful substances (chemicals, waste, etc.) that are being transported through your filter press. Some of these features include:

  • Hydraulic pump and associated components enclosed in a well sealed steel cabinet
  • Multiple filter pack options and configurations
  • Filter cake washing and containment

More Efficient Filtering = More Water to Reuse 

Newer equipment tends to have more efficient filtering capabilities than older equipment. Along with that increase in filtering efficiency comes:

  • Drier, better formed filter cakes
  • A general increase in throughput
  • An increase in the throughput of clean water

The clean water produced by your filter press can then be put back into the local water table or reused for other purposes within your facility. A great example of a facility that did these things is one of our customers, a west coast power plant.

The plant installed a dewatering system that allowed water used in their facility to be filtered and reused. Their system injected water (of drinking quality) into the local aquifer, which could then be used as a backup water source.


Filter Out Harmful Contaminants

Filter presses are extremely versatile and are used by a wide variety of industries like:

  • Mining
  • Manufacturing
  • Power Generation

Filter presses are used to help eliminate and dispose of environmentally harmful substances (minerals, heavy metals, and other debris) associated with many of their processes.

One of our customers, Marathon Norco Aerospace, manufacturers of rechargeable nickel cadmium batteries for the aerospace industry. They use filter presses to help them dispose of cadmium and chromium and lower the amount of hazardous waste they produce. Visit our website to learn more.


Are you interested in learning more about our dewatering systems and the other great things they can do for your dewatering process, in addition to making it more environmentally friendly?

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