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Evoqua & Perrin Filter Presses

By Michael Stock

perrin_fully_automatic_filter_press.png?noresizeAt Evoqua, we service and provide OEM parts for a whole host of filter press brands, not just our own Evoqua brand presses. One of the other brands that we service is Perrin.


About Perrin...

Perrin is originally a Canadian brand whose filter presses are widely used in the mining industry in the United States and Canada. The presses are used in mineral concentrates applications, as well as the treatment of tailings and wastewater.

Perrin filter presses aren't just installed at locations in North America, they are used across the globe, in locations like:

  • Australia
  • Indonesia
  • Peru
  • South Africa

Evoqua Water Technologies purchased Perrin in 1998, so we are now THE OEM parts and service provider.


Evoqua: Your OEM Parts Provider


Whether you have an overhead press or a sidebar; a press that is semi or fully automatic, we can help. We can repair, refurbish or rebuild any Perrin filter press. You might be thinking, "How can they do that?" And the answer would be because we have access to all of the original blueprints, drawings, and serial numbers!

So if you need a specific part replaced, we can build you a brand new one that will meet the original factory specifications.


If you have a Perrin filter press that is in need of a little TLC or a new part, contact one of our product experts and get your press restored.

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