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Evoqua's New J-Power™ Hydraulic Systems

By Michael Stock

Here at Evoqua, we are committed to innovation and setting the bar for the next generation of industry standards. Our engineers are always working to create products that improve efficiency and safety. We are excited to announce that we have three new hydraulic systems that do just that. These new systems are the J-Power Mark V, J-Power Cascade and J-Power Electro-Mod.

The new hydraulic systems are intended to replace the conventional system that is currently the industry standard. There are two main elements these new units have that improved on our other hydraulic units.


Stop Presses Immediately

The J-Power units have the ability to stop filter presses immediately, rather than slowing them to a stop. How are these new units able to stop the filter presses so quickly? Valves. The new units have quick release valves on the press closure and air lines that fire at the loss of a pilot signal. When the signal is lost, the valves quickly release all air out of a port to relieve all pressure in the system, preventing further movement.

The ability to quickly stop the movement of the press is also helpful during startup activities. As the filter press is moving, you can observe the hardware to ensure there is nothing in the way that could cause the press to crash or be damaged. A faster stop makes it easier to remove the obstruction quickly and safely.

The new patented technology is designed to prevent any unintended movement, providing a safer operating environment for the user.


Prevent oil Contamination 

Another improvement to the J-Power units are the new systems that are in place to prevent oil from leaking from the hydraulic unit into other parts of the filter press. The new patented design baffles the air over hydraulic accumulator and reservoir. This provides even greater separation of the compressed air and the oil.

If the compressed air does happen to become contaminated with oil and/or particles, the quick release valves have the added advantage of diverting the air from the rest of the filter press. This re-design prevents any of the hydraulic components or instrumentation to ever come into contact with the contaminated air.


If you have any questions about our new hydraulic units, please contact Mike Jager, Product Manager at (616)772-9011 or visit our website.

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