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Filter Press Feed Pump Skid FAQ

By Michael Stock


At Evoqua we sell a variety of filter press accessories meant to help make your dewatering process easier and more efficient. One of these accessories is the filter press pump skid. We asked one of our dewatering experts to tell us some of the questions he is asked most frequently about this handy piece of equipment, and this is what he had to say:

What is a pump skid?

A pump skid is a pump (usually one with an electric motor or diesel engine) mounted on a steel base.

Why do I want to add one to my dewatering process?

The skids are sized to work with your process to ensure efficient filtration with your filter press.


Why do I need one?

You need to feed the filter press some way. Why not do it with a compatible feed pump that is specifically designed to work with your size filter press?


Can I get one for my existing filter press?

Yes. We just need to know some key pieces of information to size the feed skid appropriately.

How will this save me time or money in the long run?

The skid is designed to extend the life of the pumping unit, so that there are fewer long term maintenance costs. Also the skid has been designed for quick replacement of pumps, if there is a need to rework or replace a pump.

What are some key features of Evoqua's feed pump skids?

  • Compact size
  • Easy to maintain
  • Vibration dampening on pump and piping
  • Controlled expansion joints to protect equipment

Does Evoqua offer different types and sizes of feed pump skids?

We offer 3 types of feed pumps, mounted to skids, configured to your filter press. They are the Simplex, Duplex and Triplex feed pump systems.

Pump skids can greatly improve the efficiency of your dewatering process, for more tips and tricks to keep your filter presses running smoothly, download our guide!

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