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Filter Presses Behind the sCenes: Building a Behemoth Press

By Michael Stock



When you think about feats of engineering the first things that come to mind are probably bridges and skyscrapers, not filter presses. But filter presses can definitely be feats of engineering, since they can take months to build and weigh 40 tons.

Everyday at our manufacturing and design facility in Holland, Michigan we build these behemoths. If you have ever wondered what it takes to build one of these massive filter presses, you're in luck. Check out the time lapse video below that shows filter presses, for use in the power industry, being built.

The presses being built in the video are large capacity J-PressĀ® sidebar filter presses. These rugged presses are engineered to performance under the most demanding dewatering applications. They can be customized to meet all your dewatering needs and have a variety of features:

  • Available in 4 frame sizes from 1200mm to 2000mm
  • Fully automatic plate shifting and cloth washing
  • A variety of filter plates including recessed plates and diaphragm plates
  • Frames made of heavy duty carbon steel plate and sheet that is sandblasted and finished to prevent corrosion

To learn more about the features and benefits of our J-PressĀ® filter presses, download our guide!

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