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Filter Presses in Mining Facilities: Where do They Fit in Your Design?

By Michael Stock

Are you are designing a new mining facility? Or are you updating an existing facility with newer, more efficient equipment? If so, you know that fitting all of the equipment you need into your facility can be a bit like putting together a jigsaw puzzle. One of the key pieces that you have to find a place for is the dewatering system, which includes filter presses.

Where do filter presses fit?


Since dewatering occurs near the middle of the mineral refining and separating process, we recommend placing your dewatering system at a centralized location in your facility, in a place near where the mineral pretreatment and the wastewater treatment will occur. Dewatering is directly linked to those 2 processes, as you can see in the illustration above.

Filter presses have 2 primary functions in mining dewatering systems: pressure filtration and water clarification. In pressure filtration, minerals are separated out of the slurry using either a conventional filter press (like our J-Press® filter press) or high speed filter press (like our MC® Press filter press). Factors like desired throughput rate and slurry composition will impact the configuration of your filter press.

In the clarification process, wastewater from previous steps is treated and the remaining sediment and minerals are removed using a press like our J-Press® filter press. Eventually after the water has gone through the equipment listed in section five of the illustration above, it can be reclaimed and reused for other purposes in the facility.

Now that you know where filter presses fit in the design of your mining facility, take a quick peek at what exactly happens inside a filter press. Watch this video from our very own filter press guru, Dr. D.

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