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Filter Presses in Stock & Ready to Ship : Save Time & Money

By Michael Stock



More often than not, buying a filter press is not something that is done in a short amount of time. But there are always exceptions. For example, if you need to replace a broken press in a hurry or if your dewatering needs are simple and you don't need a customized filter press.

If you find yourself in one of these situations, we can help. We have certain filter press models, just off the factory floor, that are ready to ship directly to you.


The stock J-PressĀ® filter presses are our small to medium capacity models which come in two sizes: 630 mm and 800 mm. Each press is outfitted with:

  • ABS/PVC manifold/piping system
  • Automatic air/hydraulic closing system

The option for a semi-automatic plate shifter is available on the:

  • 630 mm - 8 c/f
  • 800 mm - 15 and 20 c/f

Each press also comes equipped with gasketed, recessed chamber filter plates. However, if you would like a different type of filter press (or any other OEM part) we have a large inventory of parts in stock, so the press can be customized to meet your specific dewatering needs.


If you have questions about these presses, or any of our dewatering products and services, our experts are here to help!

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