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Filter Presses: Reclaiming Resources in Steel Mills

By Michael Stock

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In the steel manufacturing process, as with so many manufacturing processes, water is a crucial component. Water is used in almost every stage of the process for things like cooling, descaling, and dust scrubbing.

In recent years, there has been an industry wide push to reclaim more wastewater and reuse it in the facility. However, the water contains a plethora of debris including:

  • coke and coal dust
  • blast furnace slag
  • mill scale scrap
  • oil and acid sludge

Some of these wastes can be recycled and reclaimed for other purposes (such as building and road construction). However some of them cannot be, and if more hazardous compounds are improperly disposed of, they can cause pollution and other environmental issues.

Proper waste and sludge disposal can be very expensive because of the costs associated with handling and transportation. One way to cut costs in this area is to treat waste in house, so it can be recycled or take to a landfill without further processing. This is where dewatering systems and filter presses come into the picture.



J-Press® filter presses
, cutting costs and improving efficiency.

What makes our filter presses well suited to the job of dewatering sludge produced by the steel production process and helping with wastewater management?

1. Evoqua presses have frames made of heavy duty carbon steel plate and have wetted parts made of polypropylene with PVC, carbon steel or stainless steel piping manifold. These heavy duty materials can withstand the highly corrosive sludge produced by steel manufacturing.


2. J-Press® filter presses have plate shifting systems (either fully automatic or semi-automatic) that allow for efficient and frequent filter press cycles. These cycles produce filter cakes with low moisture content, making them more compact and easier to store and transport.


3. Our presses can be fitted with a variety of different filter cloths that can help produce a clear, high quality filtrate. A clear filtrate that will meet your facility's requirements for reusable water. Save money and water. It's a win-win. 


Our J-Press® filter presses are a great addition to the dewatering process of any steel mill. To learn more about these extremely versatile pieces of machinery, download our guide!

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