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Get Your Dewatering To Go - Helicopter-Friendly Filter Presses From Evoqua

By Michael Stock


Get your dewatering to go.

Have you ever wished you could have a high-performance J-Press® system drop out of the sky and keep your operation running? Or roll up on a truck and save you boatloads of money? Both of these scenarios are entirely doable.



Our skid-mounted J-Press® filter press system designed for oil and gas applications is a complete solution in a rugged, crane-deliverable, helicopter-friendly package that drops in to remote drill sites and offshore rigs to dewater drilling mud and completion fluids. It’s completely self-contained, including a heavy-duty sludge catch basin. All components are protected in a roll cage that fends off the bumps and bashes that happen in the extreme environments typical of oil and gas operations.

Truckin’ on down the line

Our Trailer Press packs similar functionality into a semitrailer that will show up in front of your plant or at the side of your lagoon on short notice. It’s a favorite of contractors who do on-site dewatering as well as end users who need to expand capacity in a hurry or remediate remote sludge sites. With a Trailer Press on site, you’re hauling the sludge away and leaving clean filtered water behind, saving significantly over the cost of hauling wet sludge to a processing site.


Trailer Presses feature everything you need, packaged in a soft-sided unit that can either be open on all sides for easy access or closed to the environment. Lights, catwalks, and all equipment are configured inside. A full-length conveyer under the floor moves cake out to the handling system. There’s even a heater option if you need it.


Both of these portables are backed by Evoqua service, of course, and built with 40 years of quality that comes from the acknowledged industry leader. Others may imitate the J-Press filter press system, but no one can match it. Especially when you order it to go.

If you need your dewatering to be mobile and rock solid at the same time, Call (844) 450-2920. you supply the helicopter!

Looking for more ways to improve the performance of your filter press? Download our guide for more dewatering tips, tricks and maintenance advice!

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