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Keep Filter Presses Up and Running with Evoqua's  Field Services

By Michael Stock



Want to keep your filter presses up and running with as little downtime as possible? One way to do this is with regularly scheduled maintenance and equipment updates. Don't worry, this isn't something you have to undertake all by your lonesome. We're here to help!

At Evoqua, we offer a variety of field service options to keep your filter presses up and running, with years of worry-free operation. Read on to find out more!


1. 132 Point Health Check

132 points in a health check? Yes, you read that right. 132, this the number of points that we check on our most complex equipment. To perform the check, our filter press expert, Dr. D will visit your facility, assess your equipment and write up a report based on his findings and recommendations.

The health check is a great starting point for developing a maintenance plan. Dr. D can help develop a plan to help keep your filter presses in tip-top shape.



2. Service & Maintenance Contracts

A crucial part of keeping filter presses operating at peak performance is regularly scheduled maintenance, which takes dedicated time and resources. Could your facility use a little help when it comes to filter press maintenance and upkeep?

We can help! Whether you want our team to service your filter presses once a month or once a year, we will work with you to create a maintenance plan that best meets your needs.


3. Rebuilds & Retrofits

Rebuild and retrofit, the two R's of filter press maintenance, are a part of our field services. Our equipment rebuild and retrofit service is designed to restore your dewatering equipment to its original performance level and optimize your system with updated parts and technologies. Many of our J-PressĀ® filter press parts are have standard configurations, making servicing and replacing them a breeze.

I know what your thinking, "rebuilding a filter press sounds complicated and expensive." However, this isn't the case. A filter press rebuild can be as simple as repairing the hydraulic unit and refitting the filter press with new cloths and plates, and expanding for increased capacity.

Rebuilding and retrofitting your filter press is a cost-effective alternative to completely replacing it. These options allow you to work within your budget and retain the value of your existing equipment.

4. PLC Upgrades

Do you have an old J-PressĀ® filter press that works great, but the PLC controls are a bit outdated? No need to worry about purchasing an entirely new filter press to upgrade. We can retrofit existing filter presses with updated controls packages. These packages feature the latest state-of-the-art controls, hardware and software.


Download our guide, FAQ's for Filter Press Process, Operations & Maintenance, to find out more about filter press maintenance and have all of your most "pressing" questions answered.


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