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Evoqua Lab Services - Use Our Brains

By Michael Stock



Want peace of mind? Use our brains.

In spite of what some other salespeople might tell you, filter presses don’t just drop out of the sky and magically turn your slurry into cakes and water from Day One. On its own, a filter press isn’t smart enough to give you that kind of peace of mind. Not even one of ours.

Evoqua lab services: a really smart idea.

Getting a press up and running on schedule takes brains. The kind of brains you find in a laboratory armed with state-of-the-art equipment, really smart people, and a huge database of application knowledge.

That’s the kind of brains you’ll find at Evoqua’s dewatering lab.


When you buy a J-Press® filter press from Evoqua, we put our smarts to work characterizing a sample of your slurry to determine exactly the right cloth permeability, cake thickness, feed pressure, chamber size and cycle parameters you need. We’ll even do test runs on our lab press, and scale the results up for your production unit for better results right out of the box. And the same brilliant lab folks who got you started will be there to follow up and troubleshoot your process down the road.


And it’s all part of your purchase.

This is not a lightweight outfit. We operate with the accumulated knowledge of more than 30 years of experience and a database of more than 200 applications. This is the kind of lab expertise that’s sought out by filter press users who aren’t even Evoqua customers.
They have to pay for it. But you don’t. If you’re an Evoqua customer, all this brainpower, and the peace of mind that comes with it, is provided as a service from Evoqua.

Which ought to make your next filter press choice a no-brainer.

To best use our lab services, or to just pick our brain, call us at (844) 450-2920.

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