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Municipal Wastewater Treatment: Where Filter Presses Fit in Your Plant Layout

By Michael Stock

Are you designing a new municipal wastewater treatment plant, or just updating the equipment at an existing facility? If so, you know what a challenge it can be a to set up all of the equipment you need so it performs as efficiently as possible. But we have some suggestions to keep everything "pressing onward" as smoothly as possible.


The Treatment Process

The illustration above shows the path that municipal wastewater follows when it's being treated. We recommend organizing the layout of your plant and placing the equipment so this path can be easily followed.




And the Filter Presses...

And last but not least, the filter presses. The conditioned sludge from step 5 is sent to a filter press (like our JWI J-Press ┬« filter press) to be dewatered. The J- Press┬« filter press by JWI can capture up 98% of the solids in the wastewater.

So what type of filter plates should be used in a municipal wastewater treatement application? We recommend diaphragm plates. This type of plate can create a firm dry filter cake containing from 20% to 40% total solids. Once all of the dry filter cakes have been collected, they can be disposed of in a landfill, land applied, or incinerated.

Do you have questions about choosing the right filter press for your municipal wastewater treatment facility? We can help! Answer a few simple questions on our FREE assessment and our experts can recommend the best filter press for you.

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