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it's almost like drive-thru - select a filter press and take it home!

By Michael Stock



Typically you’re not going to walk into a big box store and find a filter press. It’s one of those pieces of equipment you don’t know you need – until you need it! If you are designing an industrial process where water is involved you will quickly discover that a filter press is a required piece of equipment.

Also if you’re trying to replace one and you’re not sure where the original equipment came from you need to get one fast.

So – where do you get filter press fast?

It turns out Evoqua Water Technologies has plenty of standard sized filter presses in stock and ready to ship. These are fully-loaded J-Press® filter presses by JWI® - an Evoqua brand - ready to ship to your location and connect to your process.

The standard sized presses in stock include 2 configurations of 630 mm (4 cu/ft3 and 8 cu/ft3), and 800 mm (10 cu/ft3 and 20 cu/ft3).

These J-Press filter presses are used in almost every industry, for hundreds of applications.


Both the 630 mm and 800 mm sized filter presses are generally used in processes where the pressures and slurry throughput are less than applications using larger presses. But even these filter presses are found in the automotive, industrial laundry, metal finishing, concrete and stone cutting, as well as many other industries.

Every industrial process is different, requiring different velocities of throughput depending on what the slurry consists of.  However if we have a hypothetical industrial laundry application and a hypothetical metal finishing application the specifications for these four stock presses might look like this:

In our hypothetical applications our cycle time is approximately 2 - 3 hours. The volume of sludge that can typically be processed through the filter press at The Suspended Solids (TSS) is given below.

  Industrial Laundry Metal Finishing
  @18% by wt. TSS @5% bt wt. TSS
630 mm 4 cu/ft3 100 - 150 gallons per cycle 240 - 340 gallons per cycle
630 mm 8 cu/ft3 200 - 300 gallons per cycle 480 - 680 gallons per cycle
800 mm 10 cu/ft3 250 - 350 gallons per cycle 600- 700 gallons per cycle
800 mm 20 cu/ft3 500 - 700 gallons per cycle 1200 - 1400 gallons per cycle

Our J-Press filter presses are versatile and powerful filter presses that have been an industry standard for over 40 years. These stock filter presses are ready and waiting to be picked up or shipped to your location.



Something to keep in mind:

Your slurry must be pumped at a specific rate as it relates to your specific application and the size of your press. You might need some ancillary equipment to go along with the purchase of your press, such as a pump skid or a dumpster or even a platform.


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Your filter press is waiting - call (800) 245-3006.

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If you have a filter press that has the name: J-Press, Siemens, USFilter, Perrin, Passavant, Edwards & Jones, IPM, or CPC we have all your original drawings, manuals and specifications!

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