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Share The Love - All Dewatering Equipment Can Get The Evoqua Treatment

By Michael Stock

Evoqua can help you maintain all your DEWATERING equipment, no matter who made it.

Most parts of a filter press are built to last forever. But not all parts. Which is why you may one day find yourself in need of a replacement hydraulic unit, an upgrade, or an overhaul for a press, belt dryer, or sludge dryer whose manufacturer no longer exists. Or perhaps you’ve just installed a brand new press whose manufacturer is very much alive, but doesn’t return your phone calls … for service or anything else.


Evoqua support: made for sharing.

This situation has a simple solution: you can share the support and service you’re giving your Evoqua equipment with all the third party machines that sit right beside it in your press room. Evoqua service is the best possible way to care for legacy equipment. We’ve been selling and supporting dewatering equipment for more than 40 years. We are the original manufacturer of JWI® filter presses, and if your filter press has any of these names on the side of it, we have the original drawings and specs: Siemens, J-Press®, USFilter™, Passavant, Perrin, IPM, CPC and other brands as well. With all the nameplates we have under the Evoqua umbrella, it’s a natural fit for us to provide support for all your third-party equipment, regardless of who made it. We also have the experience and the lab services to fine-tune your dewatering process, regardless of whose technology you have installed.


Get help fast.

There are few companies that can match Evoqua’s leadership in dewatering. None can match our commitment to support all dewatering equipment, regardless of origin. And none can match our service network: in the U.S., we’re within a day’s reach of your operation, no matter where you may be. We respond globally as well.


With Evoqua service, your Evoqua equipment is getting the best care available. It only makes sense to share it.

If having one service contractor instead of many sounds good to you, Call (844) 450-2920 and ask about having your other dewatering equipment fixed or upgraded.


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