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The Basics of Filter Press Precoating

By Michael Stock


Filter press precoating, it's just one way to help your press run more efficiently and make your filter cloths and filter plates last longer. Read on to learn more about this extremely beneficial process.


What is precoating?

Precoating a filter press entails placing a thin layer of material or filter aid, mixed with water between either:

  • The filter media and the sludge, helping make press cycles shorter and more efficient.
  • The filter cake and the filter cloth, which helps cut down on filter cloth washing.

The layer of filter aid helps trap the small particles in the sludge that might otherwise flow right through the filter cloths.




I mentioned before that precoating your filter press can have several benefits for your dewatering process including:

  • Clearer end filtrate
  • Shorter, more consistent press cycles
  • Higher throughout per cycle
  • Dryer cakes that release more easily from filter cloths
  • Longer lasting filter cloths and filter plates.

Getting Started...

Precoating a filter press is a fairly simple process, that looks a little something like this:

  1. Start precoat feed pump and add in precoat materials.
  2. Turn off precoat pump as soon as the tank is clear.
  3. Turn on your slurry feed pump and begin pumping in slurry to be dewatered .
  4. Complete your filtration cycle.

A word of caution: DO NOT interrupt the flow to the filter press at any time during the precoat or during the feed cycle, because it could end up causing serious damage to your press.

To learn more tips and tricks to make your filter press maintenance easier and ensure that your dewatering system is running at peak performance, download our Filter Press FAQ today!

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