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The Benefits of Dewatering Wastewater Vs Storing In Holding Ponds

By Michael Stock



In many industries (including mining, manufacturing and fossil fuel production), wastewater produced by processes is stored in holding ponds. However, this is not the only option for dealing with wastewater. Consider dewatering as an alternative.

Dewatering rather than storing wastewater in holding ponds has a variety of benefits. In many cases, it is a more environmentally and economically sound option for dealing with wastewater.


Reduce, Reuse, Recycle...Water

We all know that water is a precious natural resource and should be conserved and reused whenever possible. When wastewater is dewatered rather than stored in holding ponds, it is treated and recycled. The treated water can be used for other things within the facility or released back into the local water table.


Prevent Hazardous Leaks

There's a leak. That's a phrase that is never good to hear, especially if it is referring to a holding pond that contains potentially hazardous substances. With holding ponds, particularly if they are unlined, there is always this risk. In certain industries (like oil and gas or mining) these leaks can be particularly detrimental to the environment and the health of those exposed to the pond.

Maintaining holding ponds so they are up to snuff and don't leak can be an expensive and time consuming endeavor. While dewatering systems also require an investment to purchase and maintain, they can help eliminate some of the risk of environmental contamination.


Save Space and Make Money

Not only do holding ponds require a lot of time and money to maintain, they also require a lot of space. And depending on the location of the facility, space can be at a premium.

Save space by dewatering wastewater instead of storing it in holding ponds. Dried filter cakes are easy to store and transport. With our J-Press® filter press by JWI™, there are a variety of options for filter cake storage and transportation, including dumpsters and trailers.

So the next question is, once you have these dried filter cakes what can be done with them? Depending on the industry, the filter cakes can be sold and used for other purposes. For example, mineral rich filter cakes can be used to make fertilizer, and filter cakes produced by certain mining processes can be used for bridge building and road construction.

Is your facility looking to make the switch from using holding ponds to dewatering wastewater? Take our free assessment! Our experts can use the information provided in the assessment to help create a dewatering system that will meet the needs of your facility.


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