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Evoqua's ToolDOX Portal - Filter Press Equipment Documentation And Parts Ordering

By Michael Stock


No More Papercuts! Evoqua introduces its ToolDOXSM portal for electronic equipment information

Remember when software or equipment manuals were printed? You had to keep them in a special place and hope you never lost them! Computer manuals, snow blower manuals, engine manuals. And chances are when you finally needed it, you couldn’t find it or it was out of date or you’d finally thrown it out the week before!

Even Evoqua Water Technologies creates manuals for each of its filter presses, and because each press is different depending on the customer’s needs, each manual is unique. Until recently they were 3-ring binders. Some customers saved them for 30 years! Many lost track of them after the first week. Manual? What manual? How can we get another one?

serial-number.jpg Evoqua has just launched a tool called the ToolDOX portal, for its customers. The ToolDOX website is a one-stop shop for your equipment documentation, parts ordering and service requests for filter press customers! The documentation is specific to your serialized piece of equipment and it’s secure so that only you can get to it. Cool, right?




exploded drawings!

New customers will appreciate the hassle-free document storage and retrieval. Longtime customers will appreciate the improved, exploded drawings of each part of the filter press. Views are paired with a Bill Of Materials that correspond to the drawing. This makes ordering parts easy and accurate! Just click on the part then click Submit RFQ! You get OEM parts – even if your press is 40 years old! And service requests are also just as convenient.



If you have a filter press that has the name: J-Press, Siemens, USFilter, Perrin, Passavant, Edwards & Jones, IPM, or CPC we have all your original drawings, manuals and specifications.

  1. Sign up for the ToolDOX portal here:
  2. Fill out the form on the page and Evoqua will contact you with next steps.

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