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Tools Dr. D Takes On the Road to Repair Dewatering Systems

By Michael Stock



Dr. D is one busy guy, traveling the country working on J-Press® filter presses made by JWI™. No matter where he goes there are always certain tools that Dr. D takes on the road. While some of them are run-of-the-mill tools like hammers,
wrenches and screwdrivers, some of them are highly specialized like a HART protocol meter.

Dr. D's Must-Have Tools

1. A manometer or magnehelic - This particular tool is used to measure pressure. It is a U-shaped tube filled with liquid, and depending on the pressure levels, the liquid in the tube will rise or fall. One end of the tube is connected to the piece of equipment you are testing the pressure levels of. The other end of the tube is left open to the atmosphere (and will read a level of 1 atmosphere or ATM).

2. A process meter (specifically a Fluke 787 ProcessMeter™) - A process meter is used for simulating transducers or calibrating / scaling signals. The particular model that Dr. D uses has "the ability to source, simulate, or measure direct current with 1 microamp resolution and accuracy of 0.05%."


3. A variety of different PC software and cabling hardware that are used for interfacing with programmable controllers or GUI interfaces.

4. HART protocol meter - HART stands for Highway Addressable Remote Transducer. This tool has been described as "the global standard for sending and receiving digital information across analog wires between smart devices and control or monitoring system."

Does your filter press need a little TLC? Call Dr D. He would be happy to help with all your filter press maintenance needs. Call Darrin Stewart at (616) 748.2563 or email him at

If you have questions about filter press maintenance, our FAQ's for Filter Press Process, Operations & Maintenance has answers! From cloth cleaning to oil changes, we cover it all. 

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