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Which Filter Press Accessories Do You Need?

By Michael Stock


At Evoqua we are THE OEM parts provider for brands like: JWI, Passavant, Perrin,  IPM, Envirex, Sernatech, Sermagiotto, Siemens, Wallace & Tiernan and Edwards & Jones. We are more than just an OEM parts provider, we also have a wide variety of filter press accessories designed to make your dewatering process easier and more efficient. 

To learn more about some of our filter press accessories and what they can do for your dewatering process, check out the chart below. 


Type Of Accessory Why you need It
Air hammer Tired of changing gasketed filter cloths with traditional tools? Using  an air hammer can make the process much easier. 
Filter cloth spatula Keeping filter cloths free of excess cake build up is crucial to a well running filter press. Our 14" and 42" spatulas can be used to help keep filter cloths clean and working properly. 
Cloth washer Using cloth washers to clean filter presses automatically can help make your filter press cycles go more quickly and prevent damage that can be done to filter presses by an excess of filter cake build up.
Drip tray Sometimes the dewatering process can get a little messy, keep your facility clean by placing drip trays under your filter presses. 
Dumpster Make storing and transporting filter cakes easier using dumpsters. We have several options available, and can also build them configured to your specific filter press.
Conveyor belt

Does your dewatering produce large amounts of filter cakes and waste each day? Considering adding conveyor belts to make moving large amounts of filter cake easier and more efficient. 



If you want to learn more about any of these accessories and how they can be used in your dewatering process, contact us today!

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