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Why is it so important to keep filter cloths and filter plates clean?

By Michael Stock


Cleaning your filter cloths
is a lot like getting the oil changed your car; an activity that is necessary to keep your filter press running and something that can cause major issues if you don't do it frequently. Read on to find out why cleaning your filter cloths and filter plates is so crucial.


Prevent and Produce

There are two main reasons why it is important to keep filter cloths and plates clean; to prevent frame damage and to produce better filter cakes.

1. First a few words from our very own filter press expert, Dr. D.

As Dr. D says it is important to keep sealing surface of plates clean so the plates can stack evenly. If the plates don't stack evenly, the filter press frame can get bent out of shape. It's not just uneven plates that can bend a filter press frame, full filter cloths can as well. If too much filter cake builds up, it can cause pressure inside the press. This in turn, can cause the sides of filter press to bow out, and in rare cases the press can explode.

2. Clean cloths = better filter cakes and better filtered water/slurry. It is important to have properly formed filter cakes so they are easy to transport and dispose of, especially if the cakes contain potentially hazardous compounds.


A Few Tips...


To keep your filter presses running efficiently, check out a few of our cloth and plate cleaning tips:

  1. Regularly scrape the surface of the cloth and sealing surface of plates using a spatula.
  2. When high-pressure washing, make sure water is being sprayed at a velocity of around 100 bar (1,500 PSI).
  3. Recirculation cleaning is not recommended for non-gasketed filter plates because of possible chemical leaks.

For more filter press cleanings tips, check out some of our other blogs or download our FAQ's for Filter Press Process, Maintenance & Operations.

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