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3 Signs Your Traveling Water Screen Needs to be Replaced or Rebuilt

By Michael Stock


Do your traveling water screens look like this?


Or how about this?


While our traveling water screens are built to last and stand up to wear and tear, nothing can last forever. Here are a few signs that your traveling water screens need to be rebuilt, or in very extreme cases, replaced entirely.


1. The screen's components are very rusted

If your traveling water screen is quite rusty (like the ones shown above) that is a sign that they might need a little TLC. Excessive rust means that the metal is not performing the way it should be and is therefore more prone to wear and tear (see the next item on the list).


2. The screen's mesh or basket have holes or areas of excessive wear

If the mesh or basket have holes, they are not doing a very effective job of screening debris out the water being brought into your facility. Areas of wear and tear can also make it more difficult for the screens to be cleaned.

Note - If the screen's mesh or basket is in need of replacement, that is a great opportunity to replace them with more fish friendly options.


3. The chain guides on the side of the screen are damaged

This is an issue that can not only impact the screen itself, but the whole intake system. If the chain guide is damaged or worn down it can prevent the screen from moving properly. As you know, if one screen isn't moving the way it should, this can throw the whole water intake system out of whack.

If your facility's traveling water screens are exhibiting any of these characteristics, contact one of our product experts today. We can answer any questions you have, or arrange for one of our maintenance technicians to visit your facility.

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