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As long as the chain is off ... do some maintenance!

By Michael Stock



So, you had to take the chain off of your traveling water screens. Instead of looking at this as a major inconvenience, think of it as an opportunity to do some routine checks and maintenance. Read on to find out some of the things that our intake experts recommend doing as long as you have the chain off.


Check for Wear and Tear on Parts

Once the chain has been removed it is a good time to check parts in both the head and boot terminals. These parts include:

  • bearings
  • sprockets
  • tooth inserts
  • boot plates

If you notice that some of the parts above are looking a bit worn, it might be time to order some new parts.

Looking for worn parts is just one routine check that you should be doing a a regular basis to make sure that your traveling water screens are running at peak performance. For more maintenance tips and tricks, download our Intake System Maintenance Checklist.


check screens and baskets

This is also a good opportunity to give the frames and baskets of your traveling water screens a once over, checking for any damage like rust or holes, that might prevent the screens from properly doing their job.


check frame and housing

With the chain and baskets removed, it is a great opportunity to get a dive team to take a look at the structural framework of your water intake systems, out of sight but not out of mind. The divers can also take a look at the fasteners.

To learn more about that dive service that we just mentioned or find out more information about the other maintenance services we offer for ALL brands of screens, visit our Traveling Water Screen Services page.

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