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Evoqua Equipment Used in Hometown Power Plant

By Michael Stock


Our complete water intake systems are used in power plants of all sizes across the globe. From large facilities in Vietnam, to smaller facilities right in our own backyard of Holland, Michigan. In fact, the Holland Board of Public Works recently installed some of our water intake equipment in its brand new power plant. Read on to learn more!


About the Facility...

The Holland Energy Park is scheduled for completion in 2017. It will be a  145-megawatt combined cycle natural gas plant with two state-of-the-art gas-fired turbines that will significantly reduce GHG (green house gas) emissions, while doubling efficiency of the city's current power generation system. 

The plant is located on a 26-acre site at 5th St. and Fairbanks Avenue. But this isn't just any power plant,  the BPW power plant is pursuing platinum certification under the Envision sustainable infrastructure rating systemEnvision is a comprehensive framework of sustainability criteria that encompass environmental, social, and economic impacts in project design, construction, and operation. The plant is designed to be a natural, park-like setting complete with paths, a waterfall and extensive natural greenery and wildflowers. The paths in the plant will even connect to the local Macatawa Greenway trail system. 


About the Water Intake System...

So, what types of equipment are they using at the new Holland Energy Park?

We provided 3 sets of stationary screens, with removable bar racks. The screens, constructed with galvanized carbon steel frames and stainless steel mesh, will be used in the circulating water channel and auxiliary water channel to prevent debris larger than 7/16” square from entering the channels.

Why are they using stationary screens instead of traveling water screens? The BPW applications require a lower water flow with lower debris loading. Since the screens don't move they have to be cleaned manually.

We also provided several types of screen accessories, including:

  • Stationary trash rakes
  • Debris removing troughs and collection baskets
  • 3 sets of stop gates with lifting beam to isolate the channels for maintenance purposes

For power plants big and small, we have equipment for them all! If you have any questions about any of the equipment mentioned above, our product experts can help.

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