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Evoqua Traveling Water Screens Around the World

By Michael Stock


Some brands are only found in one country, on one continent or in one hemisphere, but not a Evoqua. We are a brand that can be found across the entire globe, with 10,000 traveling water screens installed in more than 70 countries (and more going in everyday).


From Asia to North America...

You can find Evoqua traveling water screens. Our screens are a part of water intake systems in power plants across the globe; from the Vung Ang 1 power plant in Vietnam, to a newly constructed power plant in our hometown of Holland, Michigan.

It's not just power plants that are using Evoqua traveling water screens to help with their water intake needs, but municipal wastewater treatment plants (like Detroit's Water and Sewerage Department) are as well.

Why are Evoqua screens found around the world? Because we are committed to innovation and providing our customers with the best products and services possible. And as the OEM parts provider for brands such as Rex, Link-Belt and other manufacturer's legacy intake equipment, we can repair virtually all traveling water screens.


It's not just our traveling water screens that can be found around the world...


But our sales representatives, service technicians and dive crews can as well. Wherever there are traveling water screens our dive crew can travel to repair them. Which means they have had the chance to dive in some of the most beautiful spots on Earth, like Indonesia. Of the dive in Indonesia, one of our divers Joe Borho said, "Some people pay a lot of money to go diving there, yet we got to dive there for work. That was neat."

These dive teams and maintenance technicians can service ALL BRANDS of traveling water screens (not just our own). Want to learn what they can do to keep your traveling water screens running at peak performance? Visit our Traveling Water Screen Service Options page!

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