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Evoqua Water Intake Systems: Made In America

By Michael Stock



We all know the story, for years a product is manufactured in the United States and in an attempt to cut costs, production is relocated overseas. While this might be a familiar tale in manufacturing, it is not the story of Evoqua Intake. Our intake systems and traveling water screens are engineered and manufactured in the United States.

The entity that is now Evoqua has been manufacturing intake equipment in the United States for over 100 years and this will not be changing any time soon. One of the many reasons that we continue to manufacture our equipment in the U.S. is it allows us to keep a tight control on our quality standards, ensuring that our customers receive the quality they have come to expect from Evoqua.


Holland, Home of the Traveling Water Screens



Our intake systems and traveling water screens (along with several of our other equipment categories) are manufactured at our facility in Holland, Michigan. So not only is our equipment made in the USA, it is also "pure Michigan".

We are proud to be among the ranks of manufacturers keeping jobs in the US. Our Holland facility employs 12 builders who manufacture the equipment and 18 engineers, purchasers, aftermarket parts representatives.


Committed to Quality

Designing and manufacturing water intake equipment at our Holland facility (rather than multiple international facilities) allows for tight control of our quality standards. The Holland facility is ISO 9001 Certified and ISO 14001 Environmentally Compliant and was featured on "Manufacturing Marvels". Check out the segment below:


Our commitment to quality is not just a part of manufacturing, but of equipment service and repair. We offer maintenance contracts and dive repair services performed by a skilled repair team. To learn more about these services, visit our traveling water screen service options page.

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