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Evoqua's Commitment to Performance & Service

By Michael Stock


Here at Evoqua, some of our core company values are performance and service. To us that means doing what we say we are going to do, when we say we are going to do it; like completing a project on time and on budget, or providing our customers with the highest level of service we can.

We asked our Intake team for some of their personal experiences with these company values and our Technical Services Manager, Ken DeCoursey shared this story:


5 Star Treatment for a Water Treatment Plant


One afternoon last year, our sales representative in Ohio got a call from a drinking water treatment plant (also located in Ohio) that was having trouble with one of their traveling water screens. The screen was making a banging noise and not performing quite the way it should have been.

It just so happened that I was heading out to meet with the Ohio representative that week, and decided to reorganize the itinerary of my trip so I could go out to the drinking water facility with the representative.

When we got to the facility, we found that the screen needed an adjustment, new bearings and a new head shaft assembly. We recommended doing a full dive and topside inspection as soon as possible before the damage got worse.

We were able to rearrange the schedule of our dive crew, so they could perform the inspection the following Monday morning. The diver's found that an onsite rebuild required, and once they had the parts in hand the rebuild was scheduled and performed.

Since we were able to act and make the repairs so quickly, we caught the damage before it became a major issue, that could have caused equipment downtime and cost the customer a lot of time and money.

Have questions about traveling water screens or our service programs? No question is too big (or small) for our expert service technicians. Contact us today!

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