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Evoqua's Internship Program

By Michael Stock

Interns. At some companies, they only get coffee and make copies. Not at Evoqua. The interns at our intake and dewatering facility in Holland, Michigan get to put the things they've learned in their college courses to the test through hands-on projects and experience.


What do our interns do?

Our interns bring a fresh perspective and innovative new ideas to the projects that they are a part of, which include:

  • Creating CAD drawings
  • Programming equipment, like grab-style trash rakes
  • Helping design systems and improve existing ones
  • Assisting with marketing campaigns

They are actively engaged in their work and embedded with their team (whether it's marketing or engineering) so that they know what is happening with their projects and all timelines involved.





Where are our interns from?

For the past 11 years, we have partnered with Kettering University in Flint, Michigan. Our Kettering interns have majored in a variety of areas including Electrical Engineering and Business Administration. Since Kettering has a unique 3 months of school/3 months of internship schedule, many of our interns do repeat terms and continue working on the same project each term.

We also partner with Hope College and its Engineering department for internships and special projects. The Hope College Engineering students are given a project each semester to engage with and complete.

Want to learn more about our water intake equipment, like the grab-style trash rakes our interns helped program? Contact one of our product experts today!

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