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Evoqua's New 3-Year Maintenance Contracts

By Michael Stock

Things are changing in the world of water intake and traveling water screen maintenance. Instead of having maintenance crews on staff at all times to perform routine maintenance and checks, many facilities are outsourcing to 3rd party contractors, like Evoqua. If this is something that your facility is interested in doing, take a look at our new 3-year maintenance contracts.

Our team can perform maintenance once a year, quarterly, or as frequently as you need. We offer 3 different plan options and they can all be customized to meet your specific needs.



Option #1 - Topside or Well Inspection

The first (and most basic) type of maintenance contract that we offer is regularly scheduled topside or well inspections. The goal of these inspections is to identify potential problem areas and (if possible) perform the necessary repairs.

During the assessment our factory-trained technician will perform a series of inspections including:

  • Identify areas of wear or rubbing
  • Check the spray pressure and pattern
  • Examine and adjust chain tension
  • Ensure all components are level

Since this inspection is performed by only one member of our team, they may require the presence of plant personnel for certain repairs.


Option #2 - Topside Inspection & Preventative Maintenance

Our mid-level maintenance contract could be described as an inspection plus package. As a part of this contract 2 members of our crew perform the topside inspection (checking for all of the items mentioned above) and also perform some routine maintenance.

With this type of regularly scheduled visit, your facility will be in a good position to stay on top of minor topside repairs, adjustments and replacement of major wear parts.



Option #3 - Topside Inspection, Dive Inspection & Preventative Maintenance

We like to think of this option as the Cadillac of maintenance contracts. It will get your equipment running at peak efficiency inside and out, and restored to OEM factory specifications. We know what you're thinking, "So what exactly makes this contract different and worthy of being called the Cadillac of maintenance contracts?"

With this contract the entire intake system is serviced, not just the parts that are above water. And often times it's the parts below the water that need that extra bit of help because of the "out of sight, out of mind" mentality.

This particular contract really does include all the bells and whistles. Our 3-Man certified dive crew does a complete topside inspection, dive inspection, preventative maintenance and makes any other necessary repairs.


Our service plans are not only for Evoqua brand water intake systems and traveling water screens. We service all makes and models. Are you interested in learning more about any of the service plans mentioned above? Visit our Traveling Water Screen Services page!

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