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Evoqua’s Quarterly Water Intake System Maintenance Plan

By Michael Stock



Cars aren't the only pieces of machinery that require regularly scheduled maintenance, water intake systems do as well.

One of the many water intake system services that Evoqua offers is a quarterly maintenance plan, designed to keep your system operating at peak performance. Our team can perform this regularly scheduled service on any brand of intake equipment, not just Evoqua brand.


Why we recommend the quarterly maintenance plan

Our intake experts highly recommend this regular maintenance inspection and service to ensure that your traveling water screen is properly maintained and kept in top operating condition. A screen that is well maintained and inspected regularly will experience fewer problems, little downtime and avoid catastrophic failures. If a problem is caught well in advance, it can usually be corrected with a few minor adjustments.


What does a quarterly service visit look like?


1. Our three-man dive crew visits your plant. Once on site, the crew sets up equipment and performs a complete topside and below deck underwater inspection.

2.The crew examines the condition of traveling water screens, making note of any areas of immediate concern as well as other issues with corrosion, wear or maintenance.

3. Adjustments are made to meet OEM factory specifications and major components are checked for wear. The crew notifies plant maintenance personnel of the current condition of screens and other components.

4. After the inspection, you will be provided with a full written report of the crew's findings. The report will outline areas of immediate concern and recommendations to return the screens to like-new condition.

Regularly scheduled maintenance by our dive crew is just one aspect of a comprehensive water intake system maintenance plan. Another is conducting your own routine maintenance checks, and we have just the tool to help! Our Intake System Maintenance Checklist.


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