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Evoqua's Traveling Water Screen Rebuild & Refurbishment Service

By Michael Stock




At Evoqua we can help with the 3 R's of water intake system maintenance; rebuild, refurbish, retrofit. We repair traveling water screens to the meet factory OEM specifications and stand behind our parts and service with full warranties.

Our crew can perform repairs and adjustments on-site at your facility or at our factory rebuild facility, depending on the scope of work that needs to be done. And as with all of our water intake services, we have the ability to work on all brands of intake equipment. Read on to find out about our service and the 3 R's of water intake maintenance.


On-site service

We want to make servicing your traveling water screens as easy and painless as possible, which is why we offer on-site repair services where our team will come to your facility and perform the service. We recommend scheduling on-site screen repairs during planned shutdowns to minimize disruptions.

Not only will our team replace OEM parts and perform the necessary adjustments while they are at our facility, they can also provide training for plant personnel.


At our factory rebuild center

Depending on what type of repairs your traveling water screens need, they may have to be taken to our factory rebuild center. What exactly does a factory rebuild look like? Here is a brief overview of the process:

  • The screen will be pulled (either by our crew or by the customer) from the existing well using a crane.
  • The screen will be loaded onto a truck (that we will supply) for shipment to our factory rebuild center.
  • Once the screen is in our shop, it will be disassembled, sandblasted, inspected and videotaped or digitally photographed. Copies of the digital photos can be emailed to the customer upon request for review.
  • The screen will then be rebuilt with new parts, reassembled and shipped back with a full 18 month warranty on all parts and labor.


Not only can we rebuild and refurbish equipment to meet OEM factory specifications, we can also update screens to meet your changing water intake needs. We can:

  • Retrofit standard screens with fish handling features to meet new environmental regulations
  • Add options to help reduce maintenance costs
  • Convert an intermittent duty screen into one that can be continuously operated

If you are interested in learning more about any of these services (or maybe scheduling them) visit our traveling water screen service options page

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