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Features of Evoqua's 316(b) Compliant Traveling Water Screen

By Michael Stock



Evoqua and fish handling water screens have a long history togther. In fact, we helped Dr. Joseph D. Ristroph develop the first capture and release fish handling method known as the “Ristroph Design" way back in 1958. Back then, we were known as the Chain Belt Company.

In 1993, in conjunction with Dr. Ian Fletcher, we helped produce the new and improved system known as the “Modified Ristroph/Fletcher Non-Metallic Fish Design Basket”. The research and innovation didn't stop there; we are always working to refine and modify our fish handling traveling water screens.

There are 4 key features that set Evoqua screens apart from the competitors and make them the BTA (best technology available) to comply with Section 316(b) of the Clean Water Act.


#1 - Smooth-tex® Flat Wire Mesh Baskets

One reason that fish love our Modified Ristroph Traveling Water Screens is the Smooth-tex® flat wire mesh. Why do they love this type of mesh? Because the smooth texture helps prevent descaling. The mesh used in other traveling water screens is not so smooth, and feels a bit like a lemon zester.

Smooth-tex® flat wire mesh can only be found on Evoqua brand traveling water screens, making our screens unique as well as fish-friendly.


#2 - Fish Catching Baskets


Another reason that fish love our screens, is the molded bucket at the bottom of the screen (a feature unique to our models). This bucket helps reduce the turbulence of the water, keeping fish safe and sound if they happen to take a journey through one of our traveling water screens.

Speaking of a fish's journey. Have you ever wondered what a trip through a water intake system might look like from a fish's perspective? We have. Check out the animation below to see what we image that journey might look like.


# 3 - Light Frame Design

While having a lightweight frame isn't particularly something that fish love, we think it's something that YOU will. The baskets on our traveling water screens are 50% lighter than other screens on the market. Lighter screens reduce hanging weight, motor torque and can help cut down on the overall wear and tear of your water intake system.


#4 - Retrofit Existing Screens

Complying with 316(b) and becoming more fish friendly doesn't mean you have to break the bank by purchasing entirely new traveling water screens for your water intake system. We can retrofit your existing traveling water screens with these fish friendly features, extending the life of your equipment and reducing operating costs.


Are you interested in learning more about our Modified Ristroph traveling water screens and how they can be intergrated into your water intake system? Then download our FREE guide, Features & Benefits EPA Compliant BTA Fish Handling Water Screen. The fish will thank you!


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