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How to Remove Algae & Plant Matter from Traveling Water Screens

By Michael Stock



"Go green!" This is a phrase that is being said more and more these days and is a great philosophy to follow. Well, except when it comes to traveling water screens. If your traveling water screens are green with algae and plant matter, they might not be functioning quite the way they ought to be.

Check out these tips and tricks to ensure that your screens are working efficiently, cleaned properly and free of plant matter.


If your traveling water screens are looking "green", the first thing you need to do is check your spray nozzles. Make sure they spraying with the proper amount of pressure and spraying in the proper pattern.

A spray pressure of at least 60-80 PSI is needed to ensure that all debris is being properly cleaned off the screens. Since plant matter can be a bit more difficult to remove it is better to be on the higher end of the pressure spectrum. It is also very important to have a spray pattern that covers the entire width of the screen.

If you aren't getting this type of performance, your spray nozzles might be clogged. The nozzles will need to be removed and cleaned to get rid of the clog. To help minimize clogging in the future, you might want to consider installing water strainers on your spray nozzles.


Having squeaky clean screens is one way to keep traveling water screens running efficiently, regular maintenance is another. Download our Intake Maintenance Checklist to find out 10 routine checks that you can add to your maintenance schedule.


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