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How to Stop Ice Build Up on Traveling Water Screens

By Michael Stock

It's a cold week in early January. At the beginning of the week your traveling water screens are working like a dream, filtering and being properly cleaned off by the spray nozzles. But by the end of the week you notice that the screens are full of debris and there is no water coming out of the spray nozzles.

What's happening? Well, you probably have ice built up on your traveling water screens and spray nozzles. Consider adding a heating unit to your traveling water screen housing.


The heating units help keep the temperature inside the head section above freezing. This prevents the water sprayed out of the nozzles and onto the screen from freezing. If water freezes inside the pipes, and blocks the spray nozzles, that can cause major damage. And major damage means machine downtime and money spent to make repairs.

The heating units are independent of the rest of the head section and are controlled using a single control panel, so they can be easily turned off when they aren't in use.

Do you have questions about traveling water screen heating units? Our intake product experts have answers!

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