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Innovative & Fish-Approved: Smooth-tex®  Flat Wire Mesh

By Michael Stock



Here at Evoqua fish are friends. We have a long history of innovation when it comes to fish protection. Our Modified Ristroph traveling water screens are considered a BTA (best technology available) to comply with Section 316(b) of the Clean Water Act.

One feature of our screens that sets them apart from the rest (and earns the fish stamp of approval) is the non-metallic, Smooth-tex® flat wire mesh used in the baskets of the screens.


What makes Smooth-tex® flat wire mesh so special?

It's pretty simple, Smooth-tex® flat wire mesh (a registered trademark of our sister brand Envirex) is structured and manufactured differently than traditional mesh. In Smooth-tex® flat wire mesh the wires are bent and flattened so the face of all wires are on the same totally "smooth" plane.


In contrast, traditional mesh is woven like a basket and the face of the wires are in different planes and can have an abrading effect on fish that slide along the surface. Which means that the mesh can slice off their scales, like cheese on a cheese grater. Poor fish!

The Smooth-tex®mesh also has rectangular openings. The longer, vertical openings mean there are fewer horizontal cross wires, which is safer for the fish that come into contact with the screen.


It's not just for new traveling water screens!

All of this fish-friendly technology is probably only available on new traveling water screens, right? Not the case! Smooth-tex®mesh overlay panels can be installed on existing screens (as shown in the picture below). You don't even have to remove the screens to install the panels.


Smooth-tex®mesh is just one of the many fish-friendly features of our Modified Ristroph traveling water screens. If you interested in learning more about our screens, we have just the thing for you!


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