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Learn About Our Water Intake System Dive Maintenance & Repair Service

By Michael Stock


As they say in The Little Mermaid, "Everything's better under the sea". Or lake, or river, in the case of our dive crew. Read on to learn more about our water intake system dive maintenance and repair service.


About the service

"Is the dive service only available for Evoqua water intake systems?" We get asked this question all the time. The answer is, "No, we service all brands of water intake systems."

Our Certified Commercial Divers can repair a variety of issues including :

  • Foot shaft and bearing repair/replacement
  • Chain adjustment
  • Underwater welding
  • Mud pumping
  • Screen integrity check

Our divers also conduct routine inspections to ensure that your intake system is performing according to original OEM specifications.

Our crews are equipped with state-of-the-art underwater video that they use to record their inspections, which gets transferred to a DVD or memory stick. At the end of each service call, we also provide a written report outlining all of our findings and recommendations.



About the dive team

Every dive crew member is a Certified Commercial Diver. To become a Certified Commercial Diver, our dive crew members attend dive school for 8 months to 1-1/2 years. As a part of their training they learn:

  • Underwater and topside burning & welding
  • Crane and fork truck operation
  • Mixed gas usage for deep dives
  • And much more...

In addition to being Certified Commercial Divers, all members of our dive crew are OSHA 30 Certified and trained in our LPS Safety Program and Plant-Specific Safety Training.

why you need this service

You might be asking yourself, "Why do I need a diver to come out and have a look at my intake system?" The simple answer is, because there are components of an intake system that are underwater that can't be inspected and maintained without the help of a diver. It is crucial that every component of your intake system is well maintained.

Need more convincing? Check out what these customers had to say about their experience with our dive crew:

A power plant Maintenance Manager:

“Excellent group to work with. They did an excellent set up, very organized and professional. Looking forward to having them back to replace our chains and other required parts.”

A nuclear plant Project Manager, about their traveling water screen installation:

The installation by Evoqua, in my opinion, was extremely professional, efficient, and well executed. Your technicians were top notch. We did have our share of delays, but all team members rallied to work through them the best we could.”


Utilizing maintenance services like ours is one way to get the most of your intake system. Another way is by having a comprehensive maintenance plan.

Download our FREE Intake System Maintenance Checklist for 10 routine checks to your maintenance schedule to ensure that your water intake system is operating at peak performance!


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