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NYC World Trade Center - Freedom Tower - Intake Projects With Pride

By Michael Stock

Back when the first World Trade Center was being built, and the foundational earth from that project created Battery Park in New York City, the Link-BeltĀ® company provided the traveling water screens for the buildings' cooling system. The screens, which are housed underground at Battery Park, cleaned debris from the water from the Hudson river, so it could be used for air conditioning and the cooling of the WTC data center.

The intake portion of the Link-Belt company has since changed hands and now resides with Evoqua Water Technologies. After 9/11 when the new Freedom Tower was being constructed Evoqua was brought in to update and upgrade the traveling water screens located underground in Battery Park.


Because Evoqua has the original designs and specifications for all its legacy brands including Link-Belt intake equipment, we were able to utilize all existing information to save time in design and fabrication. Using the same specifications we were also able to retrofit updated equipment and fashion it to the existing structure. Updates included new controls, pumps, screens and housings. The Evoqua crew that often maintained the intake equipment in Battery Park through the years came to be close, longtime friends with the WTC staff, many of whom did not survive the attacks. The same maintenance crew went back to rebuild the equipment and install the upgrades.

Housing-with-screens.jpgThe journey of the water from the Hudson river through Evoqua's intake equipment to its final destination, and eventual exit back into the river, is long and unseen. Our equipment affects millions of people globally on a daily basis and it operates largely behind the scenes - and it lasts for a very long time. Our involvement with the World Trade Center, and now the Freedom Tower is a long story of how our equipment has worked and lasted unseen, underground. Clean water is just one of the many essential functions to service not just the Freedom Tower, but many of the surrounding buildings in the tower complex, including one of the MTA train stations.

Although we are proud of our global customer base of over 14,000 equipment installations, and treat each of our customers with equal diligence and respect, we are especially proud of being a part of the Freedom Tower project. Our equipment is designed and manufactured in the USA and we are deeply committed to providing essential, clean water to benefit those who frequent, visit or work at the Freedom Tower site in New York City. We remember and honor those who were fallen on September 11, 2001.



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