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Scheduled Fall Outages & Traveling Water Screen Service

By Michael Stock


Scheduled fall outages are right around the corner. Many people in the power industry think of them only as a time to make updates to various aspects of the power grid and respond to customer requests like supplying power to new homes or businesses; improving service while inconveniencing customers a little as possible.

These outages are also a good time to make updates and perform routine maintenance on equipment within power plants, like water intake systems and traveling water screens. Our intake experts recommend performing maintenance during scheduled outages because it causes less disruption and equipment downtime. Let's take a look at some of the service options you can take advantage of.


Traveling Water Screen Service Options


Scheduled outages are a great opportunity to have one of our factory trained service technicians or divers come to your facility and take a closer look at your traveling water screens. They can conduct a variety of inspections, including topside, well and full dive.

If the inspections surface an issue that requires the screen to be rebuilt, our technicians can do that on-site at your facility or at our manufacturing facility (if the damage is more severe or very special tools are needed).

This can also be a great opportunity to retrofit your screens with updated technology, like fish friendly and 316(b) compliant fish screens.

Don't have an Evoqua brand screen? Don't worry, we have the ability to service ALL brands of traveling water screens.

To learn more about any of the options above, visit our Traveling Water Screen Service Options Page.

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