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Steel vs. Polymer Traveling Water Screens

By Michael Stock


In today's market, where there are several companies making their own variations of a product, comparison shopping can be a necessary evil. This is even the case when it comes to purchasing traveling water screens. To help with your decision making, check out the chart below, comparing key features of  our more traditional steel screens with polymer traveling water screens.


 Steel screens Polymer screens
Mesh Structure
 Patented Smooth-tex® mesh  arranged in a square pattern. Mesh is assembled in an interlocked, bricklayed pattern.
Side Carrier Chains
Screens have side carrier chains. In an effort to reduce weight, screens do not have side carrier chains. 
Design allows individual screening baskets to be easily removed and replaced as units if damaged, minimizing down time and cost. Since screens are all one piece, can be difficult to remove and repair, resulting in significant down time and cost to repair.
Section 316(b) Compliant
Evoqua fish screens have Smooth-tex® mesh which prevents descaling and molded fish collection bucket to reduce turbulence.  Ristroph-style screens have fish collection bucket. 


To learn about more of the features and benefits of our 316(b) compliant Modified Ristroph Traveling Water Screens, check out the guide below.


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