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Traveling Water Screens & Parts Built to Last

By Michael Stock

How many times have you heard people say, "they just don't make things to last the way they used to"? They were probably talking about cars or appliances, but not Evoqua's traveling water screens or the screens we service. Some of our customers have had the same traveling water screens at their facilities for 20 - 30 years. So, why have these screens withstood the test of time?

Quality Materials and Manufacturing


With sturdy steel frames and light non-metallic baskets, our traveling water screens can stand up to any water intake challenge. Lighter baskets mean less wear on drive components and other water intake system parts. It's not just what our screens are made of that helps them withstand the test of time, it's how they're made.

All of our water intake equipment is designed and manufactured at our Holland, Michigan facility where we keep tight control of our quality standards. The facility is ISO 9001 Certified and ISO 14001 Environmentally Compliant.


Quality Parts and Service


If you don't have Evoqua brand screens, that's not a problem. We can provide original parts for the following brands of traveling water screens: USFilter®, Rex®, Link-Belt, FMC®, Envirex® and Siemens. Our maintenance crews have access to original brand blue prints and product specifications, so they can restore your traveling water screens to the original factory standards.

Even if your screens aren't any of these brands, it doesn't matter - we can repair, refurbish or rebuild intake systems of any brand. No one is better at servicing intake systems than Evoqua. We've been doing it for over 100 years.


A part of making sure that your traveling water screens last as long as possible is regularly scheduled maintenance. Download our Intake System Checklist to find out some tips and tricks that our experts recommend adding to your maintenance routine.


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