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Under The Hood - What Happens Inside Your Intake Housings

By Michael Stock

This row of intake housings probably looks familiar to you. You must have a system that looks like this, or resembles it at your power plant. Depending on what climate you live in they may look worn, or they may look nice, like these do in the image below.


There’s even a chance that you’ve never had to pay much attention to your intake system since, typically that equipment lasts a very long time without problems. With equipment that simply works without maintenance you might even forget how important it is until it stops running. But at some point all equipment needs maintenance. And if a portion of your intake system breaks, it could take down your entire system.

This is where inspections and regular, scheduled preventive maintenance comes in handy. You want to prevent catastrophic failure and keep your equipment running – so you don’t have to pay attention to it!

That’s also why Evoqua and Underwater Construction Corporation (UCC) have created an unbeatable alliance: to provide the industry’s most technical and experienced field service operators and the best design and manufactured equipment in the industry. This alliance services customers with the most knowledgeable assessments and inspections with appropriate and timely follow-up.

Call: (855) 704-9509 to schedule an assessment from the best in the business!

Original Drawings And Specs For Over 10,000 Installations

Link-Belt®, Rex®, Envirex®, FMC® and USFilter®; If your intake equipment has any of these names on it it’s an Evoqua brand with history dating back over 140 years. We still own all the original drawings and specifications for over 10,000 installations with these names, and even more that don't appear on this list. With over 140 years of intake design and innovation we still have some original installations still in service! That speaks to unbeatable quality and also answers the question why some people don’t know what that equipment does or who made it!

Just as a refresher here’s what’s inside the row of intake housings:


If you look inside the housing you’ll see the chains, baskets, head shaft and sprockets. If the system is turned on the screens will be rotating and you may see debris in the trays. Debris may consist of algae, sticks and other floating matter. Intake systems often include fish protection, where the screens will collect the fish and send them down a long trough to be returned to their natural habitat. Some troughs can be up to a mile long. Evoqua even has seasonal, fine-mesh inserts to return aquatic life as small as larvae, back into its natural habitat.

Call: (855) 704-9509 to find your nearest Evoqua representative or to schedule a site visit.

The intake system on which the traveling water screens rotate can be as long as 50 feet, extending down into the water, attached to chains which in turn connect to large sprockets.

worn-screens-chains.jpgOver time, chains wear out, screens get beat up, motors burn out, and intake wells fill with debris and need cleaning. Look inside your housing and see what you can see. Better yet, call us to do an assessment during your fall outage or before. Aside from the brand names above this team can repair, refurbish or replace any intake equipment regardless of make or model. It’s why they’re the best.

Chains, screens, troughs and motors can all be assessed and repaired on site, or elsewhere if necessary. If your chain breaks it could take down your entire system and the repair costs will increase exponentially.

And if you need a new chain you can take 10% off your chain order before August 31. When you call mention promo code: AUG10

Chain.jpgOur intake products include traveling water screens, grab rakes, stationery screens, bar racks and the electronic controls that drive them. And you’ll recognize the brands: Link-Belt®, Rex®, Envirex®, FMC® and USFilter®. Even if you don't recognize these names, we can repair, rebuild, refurbish or replace any intake equipment, regardless of brand.

Call: (855) 704-9509 to schedule maintenance and to order a replacement chain.

Rex® is a registered trademark of Rexnord Industries LLC, Link-Belt® is a registered trademark of Link-Belt Construction Company, LP, LLLP, FMC® is a registered trademark of  FMC Corporation, USFilter® and Envirex® are registered trademarks of Evoqua Technologies, LLC


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